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Automated Vending for the 21st Century.

PanPacific International, Inc. was originally spun out from American Green, Inc. 6 years ago.  Since 2014, it is working to develop the  smartest and easiest to use vending machine on the planet.   Bookmark this website for product updates and announcements.

Welcome to PanPacific International!

We are the unique set-up, that is ready to challenge and knock out such a global problem as unemployment. Our company gladly helps those, who are ready to learn, to develop and to gain new experience. PAN PACIFIC unifies people all over the world. Everything we do, we do it for YOU - totally gratuitously and with great enjoyment. We work so that you could work!

About Us


Work Experience

Have you ever faced a situation when you could not get the desired job only because you were inexperienced? Forget that awful feeling! Probations, that we provide, will help you to get valuable skills and, of course, special certificates for confirmation.


Job Opportunities

We regularly hold out vacancies, that are interesting for ambitious people, who go in different areas. You can easily try to get a job at any point of the world and an opportunity for self-actualization.


Practical Courses

For those who are not ready to rest on laurels, our company organizes occupational up-grade trainings and business trainings. In 150 countries and 1050 cities we help people to improve their skills, to learn how to make a good career.


Business Travel

Attending our events, you meet diverse personalities from all over the world. You can easily exchange the experience and get acquainted with real profs. PanPacific also gives you a good opportunity for traveling, and discovering new places, you have never been to.

Our Team

John Franklin

The founder of PanPacific; the head of the company. Leading coach and trainer of GLOBY.

Barbara Nilson

First subprincipal; lecturer. First-rate organizer and curator of PanPacific probation program.

Mark Pool

One of the leading PanPacific coaches and trainers. The curator of PanPacific up-grade and outplacement programs.

Jessica Wright

One of the leading PanPacific coaches and trainers. The curator of PanPacific business-creation program.

Our Smart Vending Machines

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

If you want to get a good job, but do not have enough experience - join PanPacific probation program. Our specialists will help you find and choose a probation in big corporations and famous companies, according to your wishes and needs.

Stadium Beer Dispensers

You are dreaming about brilliant career, but it is too hard for you to climb the career ladder? So, PanPacific up-grade program is for you! With the help of the best lecturers and profs you will improve requisite skills.

Prescription Drug Dispensaries

Starting own business is not an easy thing, when you are not a participant of PanPacific business-creation program. Successful businessmen will explain you how to develop new business step by step and to create prosperous product.

Much more...

According to the statistics, each alternate has problems with finding a good job. If you do not want to be one of them, PanPacific outplacement program is exactly what you need. We search for vacancies so that we always have what to suggest you.

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From the News

56 participants of PanPacific probation program will spend 3 months working at 24 famous companies and corporations, which are situated in 21 countries of the world. Wish them good luck!

Fall business-school

Our new home

Since September 3 we have been waiting for our Ukrainian guests. Our new office was opened in Kyiv. We will be happy to meet you and to propose our help to you. Don't be afraid to begin a new happy life.

+1 step on the career ladder

The 20th course of the up-grade program has just finished and 87 participants from 49 countries are now ready to move more masterfully on the career ladder. We are proud of our learners and sure that they will achieve their goals.

Ways to success

Arabian billionaire Mahomet Jaho will visit Moscow on the 12th of October and, of course, we asked him to prosecute a lecture. He will gladly share his experience and secrets of becoming a successful businessman.

3...2...1...Contact !

PanPacific International, Inc.  14220 N. Northsight Blvd.  Scottsdale, AZ  85260

Telephone: 1.480.607.7500


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